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We are more than just a professional commercial cleaning company. We believe that we can combine our professional approach to cleaning plus our love of the planet to offer customers peace of mind that not only do our products clean, but no harm is done to the planet as well.

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Cleaning with a purpose

Our values set us apart

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All of your waste paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal is recycled with our professional partners

Eco Products

Eco Products

We exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals

Less Carbon Footprint - Locally Sourced

Local Sourcing

We work hard to source local products to reduce the environmental impact of transportation and packaging.

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A path to a greener future

Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2025

At Eco-Earth Cleaning, we are committed to developing and implementing sustainable practices that will enable us to reach our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. The pathway includes an investment in an all-electric fleet of vehicles, eliminating waste and working with local suppliers to help reduce all our footprints.


Keeping You Safe

We regularly monitor and evaluate our methods to ensure we uphold COVID-19 sanitisation standards for all of our customers.

Our Customers

Each client is unique and we pride ourselves on creating and delivering a quality based service to them

“As a local business we feel it’s important to use other local businesses and with Eco Earth Cleaning we share the same values and look forward to working together for many years”
“So glad we switched to Eco Earth Cleaning not only do we get a quality and professional clean we feel like we’re doing our bit for the environment as well”
Cleaning with care

What we do


Office Cleaning

As the core and largest service Eco Earth Cleaning provide office cleaning services spanning multinational companies, regional organisations and smaller independent businesses


School Cleaning

Eco Earth Cleaning provide school cleaning services to a wide array of educational establishments from Primary Schools to High Schools and Academies

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Eco Earth Cleaning proudly serves the UK Hospitality Industry with bespoke eco cleaning solutions for hotels and restaurants

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Travel Industry

Eco Earth Cleaning is your trusted partner for maintaining hygienic travel spaces across the UK. From airport facilities to transportation hubs, we specialise in efficient eco cleaning solutions, guaranteeing a clean and sanitary environment

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  • We only use 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products

  • We aim to recycle all of your waste

  • Our cleaning methods are designed to reduce water and energy consumption

  • Working with local suppliers

  • Working towards carbon neutrality

Take a step in the right direction towards sustainability and a greener future.
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